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Coffee Recycling

Find out how you can give your coffee waste new life. Our goal is to reduce food waste going into the incinerator and by recovering spent coffee grounds and finding other uses for it. Find out how you can start reducing your waste today!

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We are working with Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences to create a fire retardant material that uses over 50% of its mass in coffee grounds. This means that less raw material is used in the production, saving resources while making full use of a material that was previously only a waste stream. 

This material will also be able to be recovered, broken down and put back into the process of making new material, making this an infinitely recyclable material.

To find out more, or to discuss any collaboration, reach out to us!

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Be Part of the Community

Closing the loop is not just the job of one or two parties, it is something that needs the whole community to be involved. 

Recovered coffee grounds are a wonderful addition to compost and gardens. A1 provides this garden booster to community gardens, so that more people will know how to make full use of it, while filling the bellies of many.

If you run or know of a community garden which would like to be part of reducing food waste in Singapore by receiving spent coffee grounds, reach out to us!

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Why Coffee Recycling

Seeing the gold in the dust

We consume over 6,000,000 kg of coffee every year. Almost all of it goes to the bin right now and contributes to our food waste issues.

Our goal is to recover those spent grounds and find another use for them.

Our Process

Here’s what we do

It’s not just something fancy. It’s got to make sense.

Why use Bean There Done That

Inspired by the hardiness and versatility of coffee


We turn your food waste into something more. Either by returning it to the loop or creating it into another useful, sustainable product.


There is always a newer and better way – we seek to find that and put it to good use. This means working together with our partners to find solutions.


We are committed to a bigger picture of sustainability. This means helping you become more sustainable as well.


We believe that good change cannot be done on our own. It is a coming together of people working towards a common goal.

A Case Study


Watch how we help Nespresso close the loop by with their coffee capsules.

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